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As the season changes from autumn into winter, more and more people burrow into their darker colored clothing. However, why should you blend into the crowd? If you consider color your best friend, do not fear; color can continue to be the star of your outfits in the winter. Although wearing dark clothing is a generalization during the colder months, you do not have to follow along. Break free from such limitations and set your own path!

I spotted this Fashionisto as I was heading to buy lunch at Beijing Normal University. Among the many students shying away from colors, this international student’s bright outfit, and the red hair of course, caught my eye. He obviously stuck out from the crowd, but he did not seem to mind as he chatted away with his friend. Fashion is a tool to express yourself; if you feel like wearing colors, then you wear colors without any hesitation. You should not be self-conscious.

If you do worry, here is some advice you can learn from this Fashionisto’s outfit. Have a color theme for your outfit. If you notice, he has a theme of red running through his outfit. That does not mean he is wearing a red monochromatic outfit. Instead, he has a few red accents, such as his shirt, shoes, glasses and even hair! This will help bring together your outfit. Another tip is to make your brightest colored item an accessory. Sometimes, you want that bright color as a part of your outfit, and sometimes you don’t. It’s easy to remove an accessory, such as this Fashionisto’s duffle. Final tip is to stand tall and be confident. In his blue jacket, leopard scarf, red shirt, olive green pants and red shoes, this Fashionisto has a look that anyone can admire and be jealous of.

College is a time to find yourself. Experiment. Do not be afraid to reveal who you are through your outfits.


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