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After a visit to the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, I added a new color to my color palette: oxblood. I was so excited by how good it looked on me. Now every time someone in the crowd wears oxblood or a variation of it, it immediately catches my eye. It was probably because of this bias that I spotted this Fashionista. Or maybe it was because she clearly understands her color palette. She knows what works well for her, and so she can create a flawless look. When I spotted her on the streets of Prague, I was very sure she was a local on her way to have brunch with friends. It turns out that she was a tourist like me! I guess if you plan on taking a lot of pictures you ought to wear your best outfit.

I particularly love how she color coordinates with her hair. I’ve never really thought of doing that before, but it seems like a brilliant idea. In her look, she matches her purse and shoes with her hair color to create a head-to-toe harmony. Then there’s the pair of oxblood pants. As all her other pieces are very close variations of the same soft color, she adds one dark piece to balance it out. If you have a lot of one color in your outfit, this is a great way to change up your look.

This Fashionista teaches us the importance of knowing your color palette and using it to create a perfect look. The next time you want to step out and stand out, make use of your palette. And if you haven’t fully discovered yours, experiment a little!


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