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Finals are approaching. The days are getting darker. Coffee becomes your water. Papers are piling. Textbooks tower over you. Winter break is so close and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes you are not in the mood to study. During the final weeks of school, if you are entering the doldrums,  jump-start your mood by injecting color into your outfits. You don’t have to wait for the weather to brighten or the workload to lighten. Embrace the warmth and energy of the colors in your clothing!

Even from afar, this Fashionista stands out with her eclectic mix of hues. Her bright yellow puffer jacket adds a ray of sunshine onto an otherwise dark day of studying. Just looking at her should cheer you up! Peeking from under the jacket is her green and black plaid shirt. Her red scarf hangs over the jacket and shirt. Green and red usually clash but there is only a sliver of the green shirt showing. To continue the theme of colors, she wears mustard yellow platforms.

With the top half being so bright, it would be too much to wear crazy colorful bottoms. By wearing black skinny jeans, this Fashionista prevents the outfit from going overboard. Additionally, the tan satchel, which is neutral in color, helps balance the outfit. If you are not used to wearing such bright colors, pick one piece of bright clothing. Find other clothing that can help balance and complement it.

Color is your friend. During finals season, it will most definitely pull you through the tests and papers. Make getting dressed each morning a treat for yourself. What colors will you wear today to brighten your day?


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