FASHION FROM ABROAD: Cheetah-Licious All Over The World

Fashion From Abroad

From country to country many trends differ, but one trend that is universal is animal print, particularly cheetah print. I have been in Rome Italy for four weeks now, and I have seen cheetah print worn in many different ways. I have most commonly seen it on boots, sweaters, scarves, hats and purses. Here it is seen on this beautiful jacket.

This Fashionista was standing by one of the most important domes in the entire world. The Pantheon is a building that was built during the reign of Augustus as a temple to all the Gods of Ancient Rome.  While I was supposed to be taking photos of the Pantheon and its wondrous architecture from all angles possible, I got completely taken away when my Fashionista passed in a long cheetah jacket.  So, I ran away from my on-sight class tour and chased after her.

This Fashionista wore only three colors but intertwined each color to make the most perfect statement. Her black studded boots, plain black leggings, big black clutch and knitted black infinity scarf all complimented the beige and brown colors in the cheetah print jacket perfectly. She was able to use neutral colors and black to successfully grab the eye.Her style could be interpreted as funky but still casual. She said she bought all her articles of clothing and accessories from Rome but similar pieces can all be found in America as well. It is important that when wearing cheetah print or any animal print to match it with colors and pieces that won’t take away from the print. Black and neutral colors always work well when you have one specific busy piece.

This Fashionista made a huge impression on me and the others around her, and I think her funky but casual style had a lot to do with it!


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