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Bedazzling sounds like the tool kit you wanted as a child so you could add studs and gems to all your clothing and accessories. That may have been your first expression of interest in fashion. But now, you can wear a bejeweled piece of clothing that can create quite the fashion statement. With the holiday season, you can afford to glam up your outfit and shine like an ornament. Summer is known for bright neon colors but winter is known for its jewel tones.

This Fashionista sports a shiny owl sweater that aligns with the bejeweled theme of winter. It has a rather large graphic and can appear quite messy if not paired with the right pieces. She wears a large acid-washed denim jacket over it to keep the look casual. Additionally, the unbuttoned jacket covers up the owl slightly and allows some of the sequins to peek through. If she were to pair this top with bright colors and patterns, then it would all appear quite cluttered. To prevent this from happening, she wears black skinny jeans and black ankle boots.

Not only does wearing black on black help keep the outfit in line, but it also lengthens her figure. Because her clothing and boots are the same color, nothing appears cut off and the color continues from head to toe If you want to have the appearance of longer legs, just match your pants or leggings to your shoes. Make sure that they meet or else the sliver of skin in between may appear to shorten your legs. If you are wearing nude shoes, you can wear a skirt or dress and your skin will match with the shoes.

The bejeweled theme does not just have to appear during holiday parties. Bring it into casual wear just as this Fashionista does as she walks to class at Beijing Normal University. Why can’t you glam up an ordinary day?


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