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Once upon a time I had a blue peacoat, very similar to this Fashionista’s. And then it was stolen along with a black peacoat and a black, sequin, backless dress. Although I still really miss these items (they were all so beautiful), I’m moving past the losses. The first way is by getting new items — not in an attempt to replicate, but to fill the functional void of my closet. When life hands you lemons, buy an oversized, vintage leopard print coat, right? The second way that helps me to remember these items fondly is by seeing other people work the styles I lost — it’s like living sartorially, vicariously through others.

This Fashionista did the blue peacoat justice through not only getting a great fitting jacket, but by styling it with red accents, allowing it to be the standout piece of the outfit. Though I don’t currently own any plaid items, her pants are making me reconsider if I’m missing out on something great. Although I know many people who love to throw on a plaid flannel, it is less common to see the pattern on pants. I like how the pattern adds detail to the primarily red pants, preventing her from regular (sometimes boring) color blocking. Her attention to detail with the red lipstick is awesome too because it makes her look polished, yet playful.

My favorite of this Fashionista’s accessories is her bag. Though the back and the strap are red, the front flap is totally transparent. I admire those who can pull off this trend because it requires you to be really mindful of what you’re leaving the house with. After all, the silhouette of a transparent bag filled with crumpled tissues and a chewed pen totally defeats the purpose. If you’re brave enough to try this trend, you might, however, want to consider keeping your cash and phone in a coat pocket—there’s no need to make pick-pocketers’ jobs easier than necessary.

What initially drew me to this Fashionista was her blue coat, but I really like the rest of her outfit as well. So thank you, Fashionista, for unknowingly helping me remember my own coat and for inspiring me to invest in a pair of plaid pants.


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