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Whether it’s the truth or a false assumption, it has become pretty clear to me that both girls, young adults, and women alike love the color black. The seasons don’t matter, the color is black, the style is fierce, the fashion is beautiful. Sometimes bright colors can make an outfit, or break it, but black is a color that is universally accepted and looks great on everyone. After being in Israel for a little bit over a month, it’s pretty clear that the winter here, is over. The temperature has been rising quickly over the past month from 55 and now it is about 70-degrees, which for us Americans is hot, but for Israelis, it’s normal. Because of this, it is acceptable to dress for summer, even though it’s just starting to be spring here in Tel Aviv.

I spotted my Fashionista by her brilliantly black outfit, with a touch of color on her beaded thong sandals (yes, sandals are an appropriate shoe for winter in Israel) and chiffon patterned scarf tied in a loop on her black tote bag. One has to be confident to rock the “all black everything” outfit, but my Fashionista was dressed to impress, with simplicity. In Israel especially, it’s important to dress in lightweight clothing because the temperature continuously increases throughout the day. This outfit was perfect for many occasions. In addition to her outfit, her accessory was a “one-stop-shop,” with a large, black satchel bag that was big enough for everything. And shielding Ray-Ban sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun.

Although my Fashionista was on her way to class, she was going to the beach afterwards. The perfect outfit is one that is versatile, and hers was. Whether it was for a day of class, an afternoon on the beach, a casual night out with friends—the possibilities were endless.


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