FASHION FROM ABROAD: Black On Black With A Touch Of Gold

Fashion From Abroad

Everywhere I turn throughout the beautiful streets of Florence, all I see are well-dressed people. I don’t know if it’s because of the endless amounts of high end fashion stores on every street corner but whatever it is, I love it. Not one person walks around this area in sweatpants or sweatshirts because if you did, people would definitely point and stare. Whether you’re a tourist, a study abroad student or a native of the Florentine city, you are decked out from head to toe every day.

This Fashionista is styling one of my favorite looks—all black with a hint of gold. Adding pops of gold in your accessories when you want to rock black on black is the perfect way to stand out. Winter colors can sometimes be dull but adding that pop of something more vibrant can pull an outfit together flawlessly. Black and gold complement each other very effectively so when you are looking for a chic day look, pair those two together.

The element of this outfit that caught my eye was her black wool floppy hat accented with a gold chain. This type of hat is pretty much all over Europe and is a great accessory to bring home to the states. Along with the hat, she wore trendy cat eye sunglasses framed with gold.

Being in Europe is showing me that you don’t have to stay in your comfort zone just because other people around you do. For example, no one would walk around Quinnipiac in a hat like this Fashionista’s but try to change it up! Walking around the streets of Italy is teaching me how much fun it is to be different and experiment with accessories. Go out and buy a floppy hat or some other statement piece and start a new trend. Adding some European flair to your wardrobe is never a bad idea. Ciao for now! Be sure to check out my article next week for some fashion advice from Prague!


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