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What I have learned over the past couple of years is that having the same style eventually gets boring. Having that one distinctive look can be cool and all but it’s even cooler when you have multiple looks. My favorite part about fashion is when people are always curious and wondering what you’re going to wear next. Whether you dress classy, preppy, retro or rocker-inspired, it’s always fun to play around with your wardrobe. No one wants to be known as that super predictable person, so why be that way with fashion?

Plaid shirts are a classic wardrobe staple, but this Fashionista took the value of plaid to a whole new level. This plaid dress is perfect for a nice day out in the sun and can be worn during any season. Out of the many styles of dresses that can be worn, the tie waste style is definitely one of my favorites. Wearing this style of dress is so easy and simple and quite frankly, nothing beats the comfort level.

What made this Fashionista stand out besides the plaid was that she paired it with booties. This urban rocker look is absolutely awesome. Wearing boots and a dress together is perfect when the weather isn’t nice enough to put on some type of sandal. When the temperatures do get warmer, a unique pair of wedges or platform sandals would truly make her look pop.

All Fashionistas, clearly including today’s, know that a rocker look is never complete with out timeless Ray-Ban sunglasses. When the sun is out, Fashionistas should never leave the house without a killer pair of shades to complete their everyday look. To embellish this look even more, you can add some funky accessories, like a long chained necklace or even a fedora. Have fun with your ensembles and remember to always switch it up!


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