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It is actually starting to feel like summer here in the Netherlands and you can tell that the Dutch really enjoy it. They are finally able to shed the sweaters and tights under their skirts and shorts. When it comes to dressing for warm weather, it’s best to dress down with basics that are breathable and yet stylish. The humidity means that it’s best to stay away from layering and just to keep it simple.

This Fashionista is dressed like a typical stylish Dutch girl on a bright and sunny day. One of the best basics for summer is a sleeveless T-shirt dress that our Fashionista is sporting. When looking for an easy outfit just to run some errands or even go out, it is a no-brainer. She decided to sport some funky trainers to contrast her basic, neutral colored dress. Trainers like these can seem outlandish but when paired with neutral color palettes, they can really make any outfit stylish. The black bra here is no accident despite being under a white dress. A cute black bra under a sleeveless T-shirt is an easy way of being a little sexy without being too revealing and showing too much skin.

In the Netherlands, both girls and guys have really began to pick up on the sporty trainer trend. They wear them with everything from jeans to dresses. It’s rare to only stick to basic sneakers like Converse like we do in California. Their sneakers are a pop of color and flair to their usually minimalist outfits.

Captured: I discovered this Fashionista strolling in the shopping center of Rotterdam, Netherlands.


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