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My experience on Grafton Street is always fun. I think it is primarily because the street offers a large variety of retail stores and therefore satisfies my love for shopping. Moreover, the street radiates entertainment: (aside from a shopaholic attentiveness to the shops) there are singers, musicians and dancers galore. Perhaps the atmosphere can be recognized as one that appreciates art of all forms and thus a sense of style among the people walking through the area is very diverse. As I was taking a walk along Grafton Street I took a turn off the street and spotted this Fashionista. She sports a fashionable look that is both simple yet artistic.

This Fashionista’s minimalistic look is expressed through the solid color scheme and is accessorized by her elaborate printed scarf. The colors that make up her outfit include: black, tan, gray and white. Her gray colored peacoat is an item for the cold weather that makes any outfit hold a feminine look. Also, this Fashionista has incorporated black tights within the ensemble. Tights are a basic piece for the fall because once paired with a skirt or dress the outfit becomes more appropriate for the fall and winter seasons. This Fashionista’s black and white tennis shoes are not only practical for walking around the city but they are also a fashionable addition to her minimalistic look. A tennis shoe, similar to the classic Adidas style, contains an element of sportswear and its color scheme correlates with the simplicity of her outfit.

A scarf is always a reliable accessory because it functions for warmth and fashion. This Fashionista’s scarf, which closely resembles a shawl, adds a creative flair to her ensemble. The intricate floral print expresses a work of art. Additionally, two fall trends that are embodied within the scarf are tribal prints and fringe. A scarf is a fun and stylish accessory because it can animate a minimalist uniform.

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