FASHION FROM ABROAD: April Showers Bring May Flowers

You know that lovely saying we’ve all heard time and time again of April showers bringing May flowers? Well, it is quite true here in England. The rain comes every now and then in this magical city but thankfully it has made the parks and gardens look like something out of a storybook.

Not only has the weather accented the beautiful scenery within the city but it has also brought out some of the most magnificent fashion. I love seeing the fresh spring trends showcased throughout the city. From prim and pretty pastels to whimsical floral prints, it all reminds me why I love fashion so much. It’s the one thing that you are able to alter with ease depending on your mood of the day.

I stumbled upon this Fashionista as I was enjoying a day away from the bustling city of London. I decided to spend the weekend in the college town of Cambridge, which is not only known for its academics but happens to be bursting with some of the most wonderful fashion. From men riding around on bikes in tweed blazers and bowler hats to women in argyle prints, it’s a city that I never expected to have some of the best fashion I’ve seen in England thus far.

This Fashionista pairs a floral dress with black tights, plush black jacket, oversized tote, infinity scarf and printed Converse. Her look is ideal for a day of exploring with friends or “punting,” which is a traditional activity of touring Cambridge by boat. My favorite aspect of her outfit is that she is able to pair a feminine dress with an edgy pair of sneakers to make an effortlessly easy ensemble. This spring’s fashion is all about the unexpected and little twists like pairing two contrasting styles or prints is a perfect way to channel this.

Why not try out a look like this for yourself this spring?

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