FASHION FROM ABROAD: All Aboard The Grunge Train

Fashion From Abroad

As a true ’90s kid I can appreciate many of the things that the ’90s had to offer. Music, TV shows and fashion come to mind. I know I will never forget The Backstreet Boys, Rocket Power or slap on bracelets. I usually would not associate this era with the best fashion choices, but credit can be given to the ’90s grunge style that has resurfaced today.

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I spotted this Fashionista still inspired by her childhood roots. With her plaid skirt, black tights, leather jacket and boots, this Fashionista rocks Amsterdam. This city was by far one of my favorite places to visit mainly because of how unique the people were in their style and personalities. The Amsterdam lifestyle is very laid-back and relaxed, which is why this Fashionista stood out in the crowd. Her bold look may separate her from the hippies, but her individuality allowed her to fit right in.

The grunge look is being recreated today in many ways. Due to the fact that flannels, combat boots, studs and graphic tees are popular finds today, it’s easy to add some grunge to any kind of outfit. This can be as simple as tying a flannel around the waist with a graphic tee or adding some bold items to your outfit like plaid and leather. Although the grunge look was commonly known as a messy style worn by punk rockers, it has become a style adaptable to the masses. We all know Gwen Stefani and Madonna have mastered this look as their own, but even country star Miley Cyrus can rock a flannel and leather.

Grunge and military trends are on the rise. You can dress head to toe grunge like our Fashionista here or be more subtle with a leather jacket and distressed jeans. Whichever it is, all aboard the grunge train because this trend is taking off!


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