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With Midwest winters full of cold winds and snow, coming abroad can be quite a shock. Let me rephrase that—quite a wonderful shock! Here in Spain, walking outside to a beautiful 50 or 60 degree day is the norm. Although it is “winter” here too, the weather allows for different clothes during their winter season. Finding a balance between too bundled up and too springtime in your wardrobe can be difficult. Finding the right style and print of your abroad wardrobe to look fabulous like a European is the ultimate Fashionista challenge.

This Fashionista found the perfect balance between winter weather and springtime style. By wearing brown riding boots, she incorporates a winter must-have. Her dark-wash jeans keep up with the dark winter palette, yet she does not let herself get stuck in the winter season rut. Her floral kimono style jacket, provides her outfit with a pop of spring. By pairing the jacket with a light neutral color, she further plays into the spring color palette. This Fashionista finishes her look off with a gold chili pepper necklace that provides a subtle tie in with the colors of the jacket.

Another way to incorporate these two seasons into your wardrobe is through print or patterned sweaters. Try daisy print sweater with your favorite jeans and ankle boots. A colored ombré sweater with leggings and boots is a great way to incorporate spring and winter. The transition between winter and spring is the prime time to sport brightly colored sweaters.

A typical school day, whether in the United States or abroad, involves a multitude of subjects. Why can’t our daily fashion incorporate a multitude of seasons? As winter draws to a close, try adding pieces of your spring wardrobe as the seasons transition. After all, there is nothing prettier than the springtime so why not let your wardrobe convey that message too?


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