FASHION FROM ABROAD: A Class-”ic” Choice

Fashion From Abroad

As the semester abroad winds down, students abroad are doing everything in their favor to wear summer clothes as much as possible before they have to go home. While some international students are going home to rainy, cold, weathers…others will go home to nice spring seasons, but not necessarily shorts weather. In Israel, it is shorts weather. Spring has sprung before the real season is due, but Israel seems to have even possibly skipped spring, because it feels like summer!

One of the newest, hottest trends I’ve noticed living abroad is the love from girls of their “soft” shorts. There are many different types of soft shorts—pleated, print, lace, high-rise, etc. They are extremely comfortable and they can be dressed up or down, worn casually for a day of class or paired with a fancier shirt for a night out. My Fashionista was rocking the comfort vibe, for a day of early class. Her shorts were breezy in a scalloped lace style. What I’ve discovered about soft shorts is how simple they are and the ability they have to go with everything. Since this Fashionista’s outfit embodied comfort, her oversized T-shirt was a splatter/distressed pattern charcoal and ash gray made of a soft linen material. The neutral grays mixed with the neutral black of her shorts. The neutral colors of the shirt and shorts provided a base for a pair of black combat boots and her floral patterned mid-rise socks.Although her outfit didn’t stop there, for accessories this Fashionista was rocking a pair of oversized mirror aviator sunglasses and an alternative medium-wash denim backpack.

This Fashionista confessed to me that she just “threw on this outfit,” which was a surprise because she looked so “put-together.” I find that the best type of fashion is one that is in a sense, “just thrown on.” This Fashionista was comfortable, casual and ready for a long day of class with a class-”ic” outfit.


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