FASHION FROM ABROAD: A Case of the Winter Blues

Fashion From Abroad

I’d like to start this post by giving myself a little pat on the back, because I managed to conduct this entire stop/ask/capture process in Spanish. Okay, moment of glory over.

Moving on, this Fashionista exhibits the art of perfecting tricky color combos. Like black and brown, black and navy can be a tough color palette to pull off. To begin with, more often than not I find myself holding a sweater or bag up to the lights of a store like an eighty year old woman, desperately trying to figure out what color it is. “If I stand here it looks black, but if I move here it looks navy. Ugh does anyone have a magnifying glass?!” You see my point. That being said, this Fashionista made clever color choices to ensure that A. No one feels like a grandmother when trying to decipher her color scheme and B. She looks adorable!

My absolute favorite part of her outfit is her layered look. She wears a jean button-down (a wardrobe staple I believe everyone should own) under a simple black sweater. I love how she cuffs the bottom of her sleeves over the sweater and her collar peaks out at the top. It’s a great way to re-invent everyday pieces you wear all the time. The look is very “collegiate chic” and looks perfectly tailored. The light blue of her top also helps to pick up the navy hues in her printed pants! Another cute variation of this look would be a plaid button down under a red or green sweater.

Like all my favorite outfits, this Fashionista switches up her look completely by pairing her prim and proper layers with funky camouflage skinny jeans. I love that she chose a unique pant instead of a predictable pair of plain skinny jeans or black pants. It’s an unexpected twist and a great use of the camouflage print. Not only did she wear army inspired pants, but the black and navy color she chose is also out of the ordinary. Military style can be seen everywhere in the fall, but by choosing a black/navy printed pair she totally breaks the mold!

Her black and blue look is perfected with a slouchy Chanel inspired tote and heeled black booties. She nails the black and blue theme once again by an accessory in each color scheme. Black booties. Navy bag. The gold chain accents on the handle add just the right amount of glamour to her outfit. Another great touch would have been a chunky gold necklace under her collar!

As the months get colder, take a cue from this Fashionista and bring out your blacks and navys. Her choice of a black/navy camo print made it more winter appropriate and you can totally steal that trick for other styles. Buying a lace shirt and think pink is too summery? Grab it in black, add some red lipstick and boom, winter chic!


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