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One of my least favorite aspects of fashion is the huge misconception that the word “Fashionista” signifies an overly confident, vain personality who won’t leave the house with out looking “perfect”—whatever that means. It often sets the stage for thoughts like “this girl must be on it all the time,” making expectations higher.

So even if for one day, you, the “Fashionista,” wears a simple outfit, it draws attention because it wasn’t as eye-catching as the day before. This Fashionista stood out to me because there are ways to be trendy and confident without attracting negative attention.

Name: Anjali Lakha

Major: Public Relations

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you find your style inspiration?

Anjali Lakha: I have always loved fashion and I currently work at All Saints, so I find of lot of inspiration in recreating looks that I can find there.

CF: How did you end up with a job there? Was the application process different?

AL: I am an advertising and public relations major, and found myself interning for a fashion marketing company. From there, one of the people I worked with happened to do lots for All Saints and it was really just an example of knowing the right person. He’s got great style and I love the way he dresses.

CF: Since you’ve interned in the fashion world before, have you done much with photography?

AL: I love fashion, but I don’t know too much about photography. I know how to use a camera, but I’m not sure how the pictures will turn out.

CF: Do you consider yourself a fashion fanatic?

AL: No, I actually think fashion can be a fun and a great way to express yourself, but I am not obsessed. 

CF: How do you stay trendy when the weather always finds a way to make a second—or third—or fourth winter?

AL: It’s difficult to get away from wearing similar things everyday, but I just push through and try to find new things to incorporate into my wardrobe. I love to shop at places like Zara.

How To: I must admit, now that Chicago has experienced yet another snow flurry, I’ve reached for my less colorful clothes. Looks like I’m not alone. The best part about dark colors is that there are so many different ways to incorporate them. Take, for example, a black coat with leather embellishments like Ms. Lakha’s. Then support it with a printed button-up shirt. But to me, the best part of this look starts at the feet.

Booties have gained an abundance of attention since last fall. They’ve been versatile enough to incorporate into spring, summer and fall looks. These are the kind of pieces I hope for. The more ways to wear a something, the better. Even though many outfit onlookers think being fashionable requires a fat wallet and an even “fatter head,” sometimes the best fashion comes from clever combinations and savvy shopping.


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