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Fur clothing dates back to the beginning of time. Before any weaving technologies existed, animal hides warmed hominids due to their extreme durability and maximal warmth. Once a vital commodity, and now a prioritized trend, the development of furs has been altered over time to accommodate modern desires. Nowadays the purpose of furs is mostly devoted to the fashion world, a treasured fad. It is prevalent and most easily accessible in artificial versions, but nonetheless inspired by its historical use. Ditch the fleece and add fierceness to your style; opt for a faux-fur alternative.

This week’s Fashionista decided on a fur vest as her outfit’s main feature. It is the quintessential interim staple for the transition into winter. Worn with an oversized taupe top and black riding boots, this ensemble screams classy comfort and lavish chicness. She assembled this perfectly posh masterpiece from the tan and black tones of her vest. Clad in a fabulous fur that is certainly weather appropriate for the current season, this Fashionista challenged the fall’s frigidity with a sophisticated elegance.

To add a lush edge to your fashion, purchase a fur item of clothing: vest, jacket, scarf, etc. Use this Fashionista as an exemplar and experiment with furs. They establish a sense of uniformity accomplished by the combination of browns and grays that blend so well together. With an array of affordable options from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Karmaloop, there should be at least one fur garment in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. Looking ritzy does not have to be costly. So be glamorous and choose fur!


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