FUREVER FRIENDS: Danielle and Casey

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Every since we were little kids, my brothers and I have always wanted a puppy. My dad was pretty against it so we never went through with it. When I turned 13 and my brothers were nine, my mom took them to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Across the street from Chuck E. Cheese’s was a tiny pet shop. My brothers cried and begged until she finally took them in to look at the puppies. There were so many breeds with so many personalities. Suddenly my brothers and my mom spotted a sandy colored Cockapoo scratching at her cage towards my mom. She was the size of my hand, and we fell in love instantly. Right then and there they brought her home. Of course when we got home, my dad fell in love as well. Not only did Casey grow up to be the best dog, she is also my best friend.

My puppy has so many personalities just like my style! She is either seen begging for food, cuddling with me or playing and running around the house. Just like Casey and her personality, I change up my look everyday. Sometimes I love to dress comfy if I am feeling tired or relaxed. Other days when I am going out, I love to dress up. And sometimes I like to try new styles that are out of my comfort zone. Right now I am wearing a white daisy sweater, green army skinny jeans and brown lace up boots.

My puppy is the epitome of the perfect dog. She is loyal, loving and everything about her makes me so happy. Here are five of my absolute favorite things about her:

  • She will eat everything and anything. Give her a spoon full of dirt and she will eat it faster then you can say, “Casey here’s a treat!” (We don’t actually feed her dirt!)
  • She loves to position herself right on top of your behind. She thinks it’s her personal pillow.
  • We usually find her sitting just like a human. Her legs out in front of her, sitting up straight and her hands holding her in upright position.
  • Casey has over 100 toys. She has a V-Day heart, a gingerbread man, a dog with a yarmulke and an Easter egg. We spoil her for every occasion.
  • Casey can do some pretty amazing tricks. She knows how to play dead, sit, lay, roll over, dance and kiss!

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