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For those of you who follow me on Instagram or have anything longer than a five minute conversation with me, you will quickly see I am slightly obsessed with my dogs. Between our family dog, Doc, my personal, Winnie, and the recent addition to the canine brood, Frankie, family gatherings at the Levin household are filled with cuteness overload.

The reality is that for most of our childhood, we were not allowed to have a dog. My siblings and I begged and pleaded with our parents to let us get a puppy, but they were convinced we were not “responsible” enough to handle having a dog. So they allowed us to get a turtle, hamster and even a plethora of fish as a compromise of sorts. Then one day when I was 13, my parents walked into the pet store on a routine fish food run and the tinniest dachshund you have ever seen walked up to my dad. There wasn’t a question in their minds—this was going to be our dog. And that is the story of how Doc quickly became the fifth and undeniably most loved, pampered and important child in our family.

Anyone who has a pet has a similar admiration for their furry friend—their lives are enriched and transformed just by having that constant companion. Pets, much like personal style, shape who we are as people. That is why we asked nine of our Style Gurus to shine the spotlight on their pets and share how their adorable animal counterpart has transformed their lives and style. Be sure to check out all those features running on the homepage today. A big thanks to University of Florida Style Guru, Olivia Muenter, and University of South Florida Style Guru, Aisha Hatter, for showing off their adorable pups and standout style in these FROM THE EDITOR photos!

In the meantime, here are my five favorite thing about the Levin family dogs:

  • Doc is literally the smartest animal ever. I joke that he wears a wristwatch because I am 99 percent sure he can tell time.
  • Winnie has so much personality packed into a five pound frame. There are few things she loves more than poising for a picture. (Diva?)
  • Frankie is just like Amy if she were a five month old French bulldog. He loves personal contact—he just wants to touch, snuggle and kiss you 24/7
  • Doc tucks himself into bed at night and sleeps like a human being with his head on the pillow and one paw hanging over the covers. I told you he was a genius.
  • Winnie loves fashion almost as much as me. She may or may not have several fur coats other then her natural one.

Do you have a fashionable pet? Share a photo on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!

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