DO IT YOURSELF: Make Mugs Not War


By this time now I would assume most, if not all of you have seen this amazing and incredibly simple DIY around the blogosphere or inter-webs. After months of some serious cup envy, I finally decided to make these a part of my impressively compiled collection (toot toot!) Now my only precaution with these ceramic treasures is to hand wash only!

 Here’s what you’ll need:

Metallic Sharpies (oil-based for long lasting results)

White mugs, you can find them in superstores, dollar stores even thrift stores!

Baking oven

And an ounce of good penmanship

 Step #1:

Start drawing! Have fun with your designs try a cute graphic or a meaningful quote.

Step #2:

Set mug out and dry it out for about 24 hours.

Step #3:

Then, bake in oven at 350′ for about 30 minutes. Remember to place mug in oven before heating and leave in until oven completely cools (this avoids cracks in design.)

Step #4:

Now carefully wipe cooled mug and BOOM! now you own the cutest set of mugs on the block!


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