CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture is Here- New York University

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When picking out an ensemble, us Fashionistas like to start from scratch—maybe we’re sure we want to wear that new pair of booties or work a collar around a new bib necklace.  But give a girl from NYU a pair of pieces she knows will be worn by a few of her friends, and she will style an outfit that screams her own name.

So when Juicy Couture sent over a tulle skirt and a “Couture is Here” shirt comfortable enough to live in, our stylish senses were sparked in a New York minute.  The nine of us NYU Fashionistas flaunted the fads we’re crazy about in a way that reveals, at the very least, the legitimacy of our reputation for diversity.

Since the Juicy Couture x College Fashionista campaign’s aim was to divulge each of our distinctive flairs, I’d deem our shoots a success.  But which one of our getups galvanized you the most—which look gets your vote? 

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How do you couture your look?

Sarah Wasilak, Sophomore: By adding a tweed green blazer with black embellished studs, leopard print wedges and a cuff, a thin headband and a single, gold chain.

Danielle Shpaner, Sophomore: By throwing on a vintage tribal print blazer, a metal floral cuff, turquoise jewelry, and brown slingback open-toed clogs.  I also use my beaded bracelet as a headband to polish off a top knot bun.

Claire Glassford, Sophomore: With a western flair by slipping on my favorite cowboy boots, a silver and turquoise accented belt, and a pair of dangling earrings.  And what's western without a bit of denim?

Juliet Menz, Sophomore: With an abundance of gold jewelry and neutral colored beaded bracelets.  With a green cargo jacket and a pair of combat boots, my style is military-esque chic.

Dani Rait, Sophomore: With a bohemian vibe. I wear braided black flatforms, a twisted turban, and a long, floral knit vest.  For extra funk, I knot my tee, throw on a pendant chain, and bundle a bunch of beads around my wrists.

Carolyn Amurao, Junior: By gathering some of my vintage pieces:  elastic belt, printed scarf, embellished cuff watch, to create a dainty, feminine look.

Ariana Marsh, Junior: To couture my look, I went with a modern twist on the retro 80's prom look. The poofy tulle skirt was definitely my inspiration to draw from past fashions, and so with it I paired a high bun complete with an oversized black bow and a shock of color a la fuchsia stilettos.

Molly Henning, Junior: I “couture-d” my look by playing with the drama of the tutu. Each of the pieces I chose to accessorize with have their own drama that complement the skirt. I usually try to wear one statement piece, be it a hat, cat-eye glasses, or a cropped blazer with accentuated shoulders so my outfit isn't competing with itself. That tutu has enough personality in it to hold its own against all of those accessories, so I decided to wear them all and create a look that was a little outrageous, but totally me.

Tanya Chen, Junior: I like to contrast simple pieces with vibrant accents then I paired it off with some leopard oxfords to keep it fun 'cause I AM wearing a theatrical tulle Juicy skirt.


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