CollegeFashionista X Rosetti Advertorial: Running Weekend Errands

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If there’s one thing that I always look forward to, it’s the weekend. Who doesn’t love getting days off, relaxing, and staying out late without having to worry about school or work? The weekends tend to be so much more fun and easygoing than Mondays through Fridays. Moreover, they are the perfect time to accomplish necessary tasks that were procrastinated throughout the week such as grocery shopping, picking up packages or any other types of small errands.

I love to carry a sizable handbag for these occasions because they are convenient for storing all of my essentials and so much more. This purse by Rosetti is perfect for the weekend because it is versatile, making it easy to style, and efficient, with many pockets making organization a breeze. I’m a huge fan of the many different layers and compartments because I’m one to dig through my purse for hours to find my keys or a chapstick.

When I’m running back and forth with a list of things to do, I try to dress comfortably by replacing jeans with yoga pants, heeled shoes with flat boots, and fitted tops with long flowing tops. Because of this casual combination, I need a relatively simple purse that will not conflict with the laidback outfit. Therefore, for this specific look, I paired up a gray leather Rosetti handbag with a tribal print, fringed sweater, black yoga tights, and brown ruched boots. The neutral color of the bag matches the solid colored tights, shoes and the gray top.

However, I think keeping things all solid neutral colors can make an outfit bland and therefore I chose a shirt with a pop of color in its design to contrast the ordinary. For this look I would suggest keeping it comfortable and effortless; the dress and heels can come out of the closet when the sun sets. Experiment with grays, browns, blacks, and blues but also you might want to add a bright pattern or accessory here or there to make the outfit unique and stand out. This Rosetti handbag is a definite staple for any Fashionista that is on the go because the possible outfit combinations are endless.

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