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Coming home for the holidays to spend time with your family is the most exciting time of the year. As college students, we look forward to the holidays as a time to relax and take a break from our heavy schoolwork loads. We come home knowing that we are going to be opening up a ton of gifts, and there is nothing better than opening up brand new clothes, which is something I myself look forward to.

The holiday season is a time to dress in style. Especially when traveling home, you want to impress your family with how well put together you look when you walk into the door. ASOS helped me to put the best outfit together for my travels home. Save those fancy outfits for the actual holiday, and dress more casual for your journey home.

I decided the best idea for a comfortable long drive back to New Jersey was by wearing a pair of colored jeans. Although colored jeans can be sometimes geared for the spring, the brown color that I chose made them appropriate for this time of year. They are a skinny jean, which makes them perfect to tuck into ankle boots or even for wearing with flats. ASOS offers a wide variety of different styles and colors of jeans that can be worn with any kind of top. Their large amount of options made it so hard for me to pick this color.

Usually, I’m the girl that frowns upon denim on denim. I was taught that it is a fashion don’t. But I decided to go out on a limb and try something new. With denim shirts being in style now, I finally decided to get one from ASOS as I know it will be an essential piece of clothing in my closet. Not only is it extremely cute, but also it will match everything. I have the option to wear it with shorts, pants and even a skirt. Denim is a neutral, so any color combination with it will look great. I decided to button up the shirt to keep the focus on it, but you also have the option to wear it open with a fashionable camisole underneath. ASOS has so many tank top options to wear underneath it.

This outfit is simple, casual and perfect for traveling home. It is an outfit that everyone will love, and both pieces of clothing can be worn with so many different things. Be prepared to open up gifts and spend time with your family in style this holiday season!

Thanksgiving is by far one of the best holidays of the year. It is your chance to eat a huge turkey dinner in style. Thanksgiving is my birthday, so with this look; I decided to style it on the dressier side. Holidays are the few times out of the year where you can get dressed up so why not take advantage of it.

I stuck with the fall color theme for this ensemble. I chose a burgundy pair of high-waisted shorts from ASOS that come in so many different colors. I chose burgundy because I think it a great color for Thanksgiving. They come in neutral colors such s black as well, which makes them good go-to article of clothing to have in your closet. They are great for special occasions because of their material and even for a more casual setting.

These shorts are perfect for tucking in which gives you the option of tucking in any type of shirt. Even though I decided to go with a long-sleeved crème colored blouse, ASOS has a huge variety of blouses that would also go perfect with the shorts. It is on the dressier side, and it would also look good with a pair of dress pants as well. I would not recommend wearing it with jeans, for it is not a casual top. Since it is a neutral color, you have the option to wear it with any color bottom, shoes and accessories. Since the shirt is on the busier side, I decided to leave out the accessories and keep the focus on the beauty of the shirt and the color of the shorts.

Since I like to dress up for this holiday, I decided to wear nude heels. If you want to dress it down, you also have the option to wear tights with a pair of boots. The boots could be any color, but I recommend wearing brown or black to keep on the fall color scheme.

Whether you go out to a restaurant or stay home for a home-cooked meal, this outfit is perfect for Thanksgiving. The holidays are your chance to dress up and look fashionable, and ASOS will help you to do just that in style!

New Years Eve is one the most fun and exciting holidays of the year. It is a time to look back on the good times and look forward to the better times that are about to come. It is a night where friends and family gather together in their best attire to welcome in a new beginning. There is no better way to start off your New Year then in style, and ASOS is the perfect way to help you do just that.

Nothing says New Years Eve better than sequence, glitter and color. This is a vibrant night of celebration, so wearing your best sequence and bright attire will definitely give you the perfect transition into the New Year. When I think of this holiday, I think of a dress. A dress is definitely the best item of clothing to wear for this special occasion, especially as college students.

I chose this long-sleeved fitted bright royal blue party dress. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it a dress that will make everyone turn their heads. This is a night to throw away the neutrals, and stick with a bright color that will compliment your skin tone and make you stand out in the crowd.

What I loved most about this dress was the back. The open back and colored sequence on top makes it perfect for this occasion. The blend of colors makes it stand out, and it makes what seems like a simple dress from the front become special. I chose to go light on the sequence, since I do not consider myself a girly girl. An all sequence dress would also look great, as it symbolizes the ball dropping in New York City.

A dress is perfect for this night because whether you decide to go to a house party or out on the town, it is an appropriate outfit for both occasions. The black heels help dress it up a bit, but for a casual dress down you also have the option to wear flat boots or even heeled boots.

ASOS offers a huge variety of different style dresses. Ranging from cocktail dresses to party dresses, you can find the perfect color and the perfect fit for you. New Year’s Eve is your chance to end the year with a bang, and by wearing a dress from ASOS you will be able to do just that! Share your holiday adventures using using the hashtag #BESTNIGHTEVER.

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