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That time of the year is right around the corner, the happiest time of the year. Jingle music in the air. Then there comes the urge of getting ready to come home once again to spend time with your family and friends, the people you love the most. Love, festivity, and mere happiness linger in the air. Everyone is finally home.

The holidays is and will always be the most important time of the year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner, there’s always so many events, parties and occasions to dress up, one of my favorite activities. However, being college students under a budget, it’s sometimes a challenge to refresh our looks for the different occasions with a limited closet. That is the reason why us college kids tend to purchase more versatile pieces. Well, it’s that time of the year gain for you to flex your creative muscles to start mixing and matching the few pieces in your closet into many different glamorous looks for the parties and gatherings.

While wandering around on the internet to look for refreshing pieces for my closet, I find myself lingering on ASOS. They have a wide selection of super versatile and fun pieces for the holiday that I can choose from. With a very limited budget, I find myself having so much fun looking for pieces that connects and can be mixed together. I ended up choosing RED as the theme for my looks this holiday (a little inspired by Taylor Swift, to be honest). I tend to like prints, vibrant and bright colors, perfect for the holidays. So I went with this fun ASOS Skater Dress with Kiss Print (which I can later on wear on Valentine’s Day, yes?) and this amazing ASOS Blazer in Stain Glass Print. Prints like those already make me anxious for Christmas to come. On the other side of my dual-style-personality, I love sleek, simple cuts and boxed shapes. Black and white pieces are the most versatile pieces that can be wear with anything (For real!). I immediately fell in love with this ASOS Maxi Skirt with Thigh Spilt. It’s so elegant yet unexpected, perfect for holiday gatherings with friends or company’s parties. This more structured ASOS Shell Top with Fluted Sleeve also will be so perfect to add in my full-of-prints-and-colors closet. I literally can imagine wearing it with anything I have right now. How would an outfit be festive without a hint of red and green, this ASOS Jewel & Coin Necklace adds perfectly into my mix of colors, black and white.

The first look is a simple black and white ensemble that I plan to wear to my company year-end party. It is sleek, simple; yet still manage to look chic and glamorous at the same time. Pop a hint of red lips in there and you are festive-ready. You can also add in a little of your flavors to the look with accessories and a statement clutch. I would be sure to show those legs for pictures. This reminds me so much of that Angelina Jolie's leggy pose on the red carpet for the Oscar earlier this year. The second look is a look that I would wear to my Thanksgiving dinner, or any other family gathering of that sort during the holidays. This look reminds me of Kate Middleton a lot. The combination of the structure shirt with the full skirt from the dress creates a very classy silhouette but with fun, daring patterns. I pair the outfit with a classic bow belt (similar ASOS Bow Belt With Metal Plate Waist) and a fun statement necklace to play up the juxtaposition of the look: part fun part classic. And last, but not least, my third look will definitely be for Christmas Eve. I save this one for the big occasion, as this is my favorite look out of the three. Here, I play with mixing patterns and matching their small details together. I love how red is the theme for this look, as red represents festivity, happiness and love. The mix of pattern, in my opinion, represents the holidays very well. It's chaotic, but somehow goes together and harmonizes to create this beautiful combination of colors.

One of the perks of living in the warmer part of the country is the fact that I can pull off thigh spilt and knee-long dresses for the holidays. However, to make these looks compatible with cold weather, simply put on stockings, a blazer, and voila! You’ve got yourself a great combination of fun looks for the up coming gatherings! With these beautiful looks I created from the few pieces I found on ASOS, I’m so ready for this holiday!

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