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Festivities, Celebrations and Holiday spirit define this time of year. Picking out gifts, hitting the holiday parties, relishing good food and honing in on aspirations for the new year. As we review another year passing we begin to redefine what is important to us. This time of year can be identified as a sort of revitalization. We return back to our warm homes from the brutal finals and we relax, often on the couch after copious amounts of eating. We enjoy our loved ones, celebrate our successes and set new aims for our personal frontiers. During this wonderful time of rejuvenation is an opportune time to spruce up our wardrobe. mstylelab is the perfect place to find great pieces that can adorn your personal style while also making you feel ready to take on the new year, and the new you in 2014.

My first look has a sort of chic bohemian essence. I saw this Maison Jules dress in the ox blood color and knew that it would be one of my pieces. The tone of the deep maroon looks fabulous on all skin tones. The deep dip in the back paired with the maxi length and slit made it so dynamic and forceful. I wanted to make this dress into a look that I would wear to the library or out to coffee, somewhere I would feel relaxed and comfortable. I decided that accessories were going to be key here. I paired the look with some beautiful pieces from American Rag on mstylelab. I went for a multicolor cross body bag, a big floppy hat and gold-tone red stone chandelier earrings. I love this look because it has an elegant yet at ease quality to it.

My second look is a casual yet vivacious look. It could be suitable for going to class, having a day out with friends or even going out to a party or to see live music. The top I have on is a mstylelab Cherry Stix sleeveless printed graphic crop top. I first saw the top and thought it was such a bold piece that it was meant to make a statement; it frankly states KABOOM! I completed the look with some awesome pieces from Material Girl, their striped leggings and spike drop earrings. The striped leggings have a very Brother’s Grim vibe to them which you will either love or loathe; I personally adore. Fair warning: a bold crop top and legging combination is not for the weak of heart. For shoes I sported the fabulous Deja Vu booties. The accessory of the spike drop earrings had the same edge and bold factor in this look made me want to continue taking risks. It may be time to ask yourself if one of your goals for 2014 is to be bolder with your fashion choices, risk taker or nay?

My final look is meant for either a holiday or New Year’s party. I know that we all struggle with not looking like were going to homecoming or going to a normal party and where to find the happy medium. I’ve found the solution, people. It is easy to gravitate toward the common holiday colors; I challenge you to step outside of the norm. An all black fierce get-up has stood the test of time as both beautiful and sensuous, all while being classically elegant. For a top I went with the Planet Gold three-quarter sleeve cropped top. This piece has become a staple of mine, perfect for either dressing up or down. I paired the crop top with the Teen Vogue embossed pencil skirt that can be found on mstylelab. I chose this skirt because it complimented the crop by being high waisted, as well as bringing in another type of texture to the look. I put the cherry on top of the look with the gunmetal-tone spike and stone drop earrings that are fierce, yet sophisticated– ideal for any festivities. I found that if you wanted to dress down the look, layering the QMack relaxed sweater over the top made it something perfect for a more casual night out.

mstylelab is a wonderful place to put together new looks for the new year. There is something so exciting about preparing for a new year as well as focusing on what you wish to accomplish in that year. As we assemble our list of resolutions, reconstructions and refocuses for the new year, think about how your personal style makes you feel as an individual. Fashionistas and Fashionistos, what will hold for your fashion form in 2014? The answers are all yours.

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