CollegeFashionista X Denim & Supply: Bentley University

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

I’ve never been the girl to drool over a pink sequin dress or silky bows in my hair or layers of pearls around my neck. Although I consider myself super girly when it comes to loving fashion or my addiction to reruns of The Hills, I don’t always dress like it. I live in neutrals—so when Denim & Supply sent me a package full of clothes, I was extremely pleased to see an array of browns, greys, and even some metallic. This line by Ralph Lauren embodies my belief that you don’t need tons of color to bring excitement to your outfits. Instead, I feel that playing with textures is your best bet, especially pairing layers that surprisingly look great together. Metallic skinny jeans may seem super bold, but paired with a chunky knit sweater and booties, they become much more wearable. Even if you are the girl who loves a bright sequin dress, don’t fall into the habit of categorizing your wardrobe by occasion; wear the same dress under a sweater with boots and you’ve transformed it to a daytime ensemble. The same goes for, say, a silk blazer. Sure, it may be perfectly appropriate for a day at your internship, but try wearing it over a romper on your night out. Your style choices evolve…allow your closet to do the same.

Throw me any oversized shirt or sweater and I promise you I’ll be wearing leggings underneath. Not only are leggings and tights a much more comfortable alternative to denim or polyester pants, they can be just as stylish if they are paired with the right top. Some of my favorite pairs are cozy velour like the ones I’m wearing here, daring leather or even a bold Aztec print. The other key to styling an oversized top like this Denim & Supply piece is to create shape with a belt or a vest, or in my case, both! By doing this, you strengthen the illusion of that hour-glassed shape every girl wants instead of looking like you stole one of your dad’s work shirts. This simple, classic collared shirt is begging for you to pile on textures—whether you opt for fur, velour, a statement necklace, or this awesome Denim & Supply studded cow hide belt.

My favorite rule for winter fashion—you can never own enough sweaters! I fell in love with this Denim & Supply cardigan because not only is it super soft and warm, it looks just as adorable buttoned up as it does left open like I have it here. Although this sweater presents a bold graphic print, its neutral colors help keep the piece versatile enough to pair with almost anything underneath. Now that the temperatures are falling quickly up here in New England, today I jumped at one of my last chances to have bear legs on my way to class. Lately, I’ve noticed Fashionistas all over campus pairing boots with over-the-knee socks and I am definitely on board with this trend. Like a scarf, the socks are both fashionable and functional; they add an additional eye-catching detail to your outfit while also keeping your legs nice and toasty. Now that I’ve shared a little bit of my own fashion advice, I hope you’re inspired to try new ways to style your winter wardrobe and hopefully spice things up a bit!


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