CollegeFashionista X ASOS: Get Ready for Spring Break

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… but SPRING BREAK is around the corner— how delightful?! Soon enough you will be done with midterms, getting off campus and ditching your books for fashion magazines (preferably on a warm beach somewhere with a fruity drink in hand). But let’s be honest, spring break plans can be just as busy as your class schedule. From mornings by the pool, afternoons playing volleyball and dancing the night away to tropical music, spring break is anything but “chill.” So the big question remains: how does one take their look through all these plans?

The truth is that it is possible to go from the beach to the bar in a single outfit. The key, layering! We have partnered up with one of our favorite brands, ASOS, to show you how to be a spring break “layer player.” By layering as the day goes, the Fashionista can continue to build and transform their look from day to night.

Five of our Style Gurus picked their spring break must-haves. Be sure to check out their picks and discover your favorite pieces! From the perfect bikini to killer shades to the all important denim short, the perfect spring break wardrobe is just a click away with ASOS. Even better, for the next 48 hours, ASOS is offering 25 percent off full price and just in items to college students! A stellar spring break wardrobe at a stellar price? Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

So get packing, Fashionistas! Layers and options await you at ASOS!

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