CollegeFashionista X AEO: Freshman 15, Day 3

Exclusive Feature

Once upon a time Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented a new style of trousers called “Jeans”. Since then young women everywhere have adopted this practical pair of pants and incorporated them heavily into their wardrobes. As the chameleon of the fashion world, the versatility and history behind this particular piece have made them able to completely transform an outfit depending on how they are worn.

Since there are so many different varieties of denim you can wear, picking the right silhouette, cut, and wash can be a bit scary. As a shorter girl I understand the plight of finding a pair that doesn’t drag on the ground or make me look even shorter. Cue the bell-bottom jean; having risen from the ashes, they have to come back to help budding Fashionistas look like young Farrah Fawcetts.

A perfect cut for lengthening the body; I paired my American Eagle Outfitters flairs with some wedges to add even more height. Here I went with an unassuming black tank top, vintage long strapped bag, and a lot of bracelets to match the light, destroyed, Artistic wash of the pants. It’s really important to invest in a wash that matches your personal style. For me, the bohemian look is very easy to manage since I like keeping it relaxed with air-dried hair and a bit of blush. You’ll end up doing this too when you wake up 20 minutes before class and still need to look decent. No matter how busy you are, having the right elements will make looking good a much less daunting task. The right jeans will help you master this craft.

Tip: If there is anything I want to let the incoming freshmen know is how to work with what you have. Being a broke college kid is no joke but that won’t change your lust for wanting new items. Though that sale may seem like the answer to all your fashion problems, sometimes it isn’t an option. You more than likely have a closet full of possibilities; it just takes a little thinking and experimenting to get it just right. When I am running low on ideas for outfits and I feel stuck in a rut, cruising through a magazine or reading blogs like CollegeFashionista always helps to spark something within me. Half the time I have a piece that is very similar to what I saw, and I can put my own spin on the latest trends. So next time you find yourself screaming at your wardrobe for being lifeless and dull, remember this the most memorable fashion icons always thought outside of the box so you can too. Oh and if you see a really good sale, ignore me and run to that slice of heaven.


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