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Happy Valentine’s Day, Fashionistas/os! Valentine’s Day—the day when roses on campus are more prevalent then on an episode of The Bachelor. Today is the day when the sun seems the shine a little brighter, your crush is looking a little bit cuter and the heart shaped chocolate tastes a little sweeter. Oh, the blessings of being in love, right?

But for the single ladies (and fellas) out there, Valentine’s Day is more commonly referred to as “Single Awareness Day.” So you may not have a “special someone” in your life at the moment. Who cares? There is still plenty of love in your life. The love for your friends—who (as the always wise Carrie Bradshaw pointed out) may in fact be our real soul mates. The love for your family—who are supportive, loving and send you care packages of baked goods.

But there is also the one true love of any Fashionista—fashion. This Valentine’s Day, we have asked nine of our Style Gurus to share their plans for the big day, what they will be wearing and what five things they are loving at the moment. Be sure to check out their features live on the homepage!

As for me, here are the five things I am loving right now:

  • Girls HBO: I have on more then one occasion danced alone in my room blasting Robyn and this show let’s me know I am not alone in that. Love.
  • The Lumineers: I don’t know which is better—the poetic lyrics to their song “Morning Song” or the indie-dream boat lead singer, Wesley Schultz. Love.
  • Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch: So cheeky, ‘90s and the perfect complement to a Valentine’s Day ensemble. Love.
  • Current/Elliot Boyfriend Jean: Just because there may not be a man in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t fake it with this pair of on-trend denim. Love.
  • Crop Tops: There is something so refreshing yet sexy about sporting a crop top and a high-waisted skirt. A little upper abdomen goes a long way. Love.

Bonus Love: Our readers, Style Gurus and the CollegeFashionista team—without whom, the site would not be possible. Major LOVE.

What are some things you are loving this February? Be sure to share your love on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CFLove!

*A big thank you to our Northern Arizona University Style Guru, Mara Hill, for these amazing photos!

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