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Few days of the year are as strongly saturated with symbolism as Valentine’s Day—the day especially dedicated to the expression of love. Philosophers, writers and poets alike have been trying for ages to put into words what love is, but all those who have tried have settled for the use of similes, metaphors and symbolism. They, like many of us, have realized that a feeling so powerful, complex and universal can’t be degraded into a mere dictionary definition. Since then, a slew of symbols have become associated with the expression of love, from cheerful winged cherubs to the reddest of roses. However, by far the most recognized and widely accepted symbol is that of the heart.

The heart is undoubtedly vital for human life; however its sentimental role was established far before its physiological function was understood. The concept was born millennia ago from the Ancient Egyptians, who believed that the heart was not only the source of all emotion, but also of the personality and the soul. The incredible importance that they placed on the heart was clearly more than just a cultural anomaly, as it withstood the test of time and gained the approval of humanity as a whole. Valentine’s Day faces its fair share of scrutiny each year; but perhaps that would change if people viewed it as a celebration of the one force left in this world that’s able to unite the global population — despite differences in race, religion or language. If that isn’t reason enough to celebrate love, I’m not sure what is.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your friends, your family or your special someone, dressing your best is a necessity. The conventional color palette for this occasion consists of fifty shades of pink and red; however don’t let that stop you from incorporating some darker hues as well. As a lover of maximal contrast, I chose to combine a very light and demure waist-up look with a darker and bolder waist-down look. Juxtaposition of fabrics can create a very cool aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to mix silks and sheer chiffons with tougher fabrics like leather.

In honor of my ongoing love affair with fashion, here’s a list of five things that I’m loving right now:

  • Furla Candy Rubber Satchel: These unconventional bags will add an instant quirkiness and unapologetic boldness to any outfit. Love.
  • Head Pieces: The ethereal quality of these accessories will allow you to channel your inner princess or Grecian goddess in the most fashion-forward way — the more ornate, the better. Love.
  • Statement Sweaters: Who says that you can’t make a statement while staying comfy? Love.
  • Matte Black Nails: I’m mad about matte. The effect of a matte top coat on black nail polish looks effortlessly sleek. Love.
  • Anubis Leather Necklace: There’s no such thing as too much leather, ever. Love.

What are some things you are loving this February? Be sure to share your love on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CFLove!


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