CLASS OF 2014: Victoria

Exclusive Feature

“It’s over in a blink of an eye.” It’s definitely one of the more annoying clichés, but there is nothing that describes how fast my college experience has passed better than that. Over the past four years, I have lived on my own more than 500 miles away from my parent’s house, studied abroad in Barcelona, traveled throughout Europe, interned in New York City, joined a sorority and have made my true best friends. Looking back, I feel nothing but gratitude, yet I don’t feel any older than move-in day back in August of 2010.

Throughout college, you learn a lot about yourself. You choose your friends, make your class schedule, pick your major and develop new interests. I have gone through a lot of changes and self-exploring, but my love for fashion and beauty has only gotten stronger. As a marketing major, I originally steered clear of any paths leading to a career in journalism. I knew it was extremely hard to break into, and to be honest, I wanted to take the easy way out. Despite this, multiple internship experiences eventually brought me back to writing and becoming a writer for CollegeFashionista has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences. Seniors stereotypically become less dedicated and involved during their last year of college, but instead, I spent my year scouring Elon’s campus for the latest trends and styles.

For the first time in my life, I am not 100 percent sure what I will be doing after graduation. I am aspiring to be an editorial, marketing or social media professional in the fashion and beauty industry in New York City, but I am open to options and am enjoying the limbo between graduation and starting my career. I have always been a meticulous planner, but if college has taught me anything, it’s that life happens when it wants to and I need to enjoy every stage of it. Until then, I will definitely be expanding my wardrobe, copying looks off the runway and trying on 50 shades of lipstick every time I walk into a CVS.


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