CLASS OF 2014: Stephania

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I remember as a child I kept hearing about college, but never really understood what it meant. Growing up in Mexico, college is a different lifestyle than in the United States. Most do not leave home, and instead commute to school where they will almost always major in something useful, not something like the media or fashion for example. For many years, that’s what I thought my life would end up like, never achieving my dreams and never seeing the world. However, one day it hit me that I would never be happy if I didn’t achieve what I have always dreamt of being. Even though my parent’s at first didn’t agree, through hard work and persistence I made my way to Texas State University.

discovery. I definitely had the best years of my life, and hope that they will only get better. Though everyday it has been a struggle to be far from my family, the happiness of achieving my goals has always softened the pain. I have found myself in every mean possible through college. The person I was when I left to the one I am now, is completely different. The former would be glad that the latter has been able to work in these industries, which brings me to the amazing CollegeFashionista.

On a sleepless night, I bumped into a wonderful website where fashion and college were intertwined. A firm believer of the style my school offered, I immediately applied at four o’clock in the morning. A few weeks later I was given the internship, and so many doors have been opened ever since. CollegeFashionista has opened my eyes to see that style is not just clothing but architecture and even interior design. I was able to intern last summer in New York City at Crescala Fashion Development, where I learned the business side of fashion. None of that would have been possible without CollegeFashionista, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I am graduating college with a BA in Public Relations with a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and History. After graduating, I will begin working at a public relations firm in Austin, Texas. I hope to go straight into my Master’s in Consumer Studies right after graduating.

Until then, I hope to continue growing in my fields of interest, and to take the lessons that I learned in college into my everyday life. What is life if it its not a constant pursuit of self discovery?

Thank you for having me, CollegeFashionista.


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