CLASS OF 2014: Shelby

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The “G” word. It’s finally here. You’d think by now I’d actually be able to say it…

In less than a week’s time I will be (drum roll please…) a college graduate. When did this happen? Where did the last four years go?! I used to think I’d be bursting at the seams when the time came, so ready to get out of Savannah, Georgia and start a new life. But now that I’m here, this may be the most bittersweet moment I’ve ever experienced. Even just writing this post makes me want to cry. (I get my emotional tendencies from my mother.)

The past four years have been such an incredible journey; truly the best years of my life—thus far. I have learned so much, as one should while in college. But more importantly, I’ve learned about myself. I’ve learned about life and friendship and everything else that comes along with those trademarked “best years of your life.” I’ve figured out who I want to be and realized that this is only the beginning.

The best part? So much of the credit for that experience goes to my three amazing years with CollegeFashionista! It seems like just yesterday that I was a confused college freshman, with absolutely no idea if she had made the right decision. (Spoiler alert: She did!) Long story short, I discovered my love of words, in addition to my existing love for accessories, and now here I am with incredible internships under my belt, published work and a future in fashion journalism patiently waiting out there for me—or at least that’s what Billy Joel told me.

I can’t thank my CollegeFashionista family enough for everything they’ve done for me over the years. I owe so much to Amy and Melissa, and I wish I could do it all again. But I know that bigger and better things are on the way! See you in New York City!

Congrats to the entire class of 2014!


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