CLASS OF 2014: Sarah

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I can still remember sitting in my dorm room, waiting for Amy to call me for my CollegeFashionista phone interview. It was right before winter break of my freshman year here at NYU, and this would be my first-ever fashion industry experience. I had always loved clothes and I knew I wanted to be a writer, but it was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that there was a space for me to combine these two passions. I would hardly call the Style Guru position a job of any sort. Writing about campus trends and spotlighting students with killer street style was like a dream come true. And now, when I consider the fact that I’m moving on—leaving my CollegeFashionista roots behind and searching for a new position that will allow me to write about clothes—I feel a great deal of nostalgia.

I watched CollegeFashionista grow from an idea backed by a lot of drive and ambition (Amy’s, of course), to a website destination that’s expanding every time I blink my eyes. I’m so proud of the work I’ve submitted, mostly because I know it’s helped me grow. CollegeFashionista is where I honed my writing skills and tried my hand at tasks I never could have predicted (I spent a semester helping out with social media and marketing and two semesters as an editor). I got the chance to write for various online publications, such as USA TODAY and Teen Vogue University. I also participated in some of the greatest campaigns and advertorials. The reason I want to do what I want to do and be what I want to be is because of this very site. So, in other words, being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista has been, hands down, the most rewarding “job” I’ve had throughout the past four years.

Now, as I begin to take on new endeavors and search for my next title, I must admit that I’m anxious. The truth is, I’m always a bit afraid of change. But, I can say with confidence that I feel adequately prepared. I’m currently a contributing writer at Refinery29, and I hope to continue freelancing for the wonderful lifestyle site. But I’ve also been applying to various other companies and exploring additional options that, at least in the fashion world, seem pretty endless. One thing’s for sure—wherever my career path takes me, I owe all of my progress to CollegeFashionista and to that 10-minute phone interview I had with Amy just four years ago.


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