CLASS OF 2014: Monika

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

A friend of mine always joked around about the last line of an email she received from a professor in response to one of her questions during sophomore year. He wrote: “We’re all in the process of learning.” It wasn’t until our final year of college when we began to really understand the meaning of this simple statement that proved to be so true. College was the most exhausting and magnificent learning experience of my life thus far.

Like most, my college experience had many ups and downs. Before I was even in college, I already felt failure (I was turned down by my dream school in Toronto). But with that door closed, another opened. I made my way out to Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser University. My experience at SFU has truly shaped the person I am today. And hey, if it wasn’t for SFU, I would have never studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, which was the highlight my college experience.

M experience with CollegeFashionista was, to simply put it, absolutely wonderful. Even though I was only with CollegeFashionista for one semester, it seemed like I was with this amazing website for years. I only wish I knew about the Style Guru internship years earlier! But alas, it wasn’t until I made my way to the Big Apple in October 2013 to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University that I heard of this brilliant internship opportunity.

A big shout out to everyone, including the Fashionistas and Fashionistos, who have been a part of this journey with me (and I’m sorry for stalking you in the hallways on campus). Oh, and I’m not sure if any of you remember that little CollegeFashionista March Madness competition that went on, but I was lucky enough to win that thanks to all my amazing friends from around the globe. I am forever grateful for everyone’s love and support. And in that process, I got to become friends with some other beautiful Style Gurus, too!

So, what’s next? Well, that’s a good question because I have no clue. All I know is that I’m ready to chase my dream and go big, wherever that takes me. My career goal is to become an entertainment editor for a major fashion publication. I adore fashion, music, film, literature and everything in between. If I can mix all those art forms together, I’ll be one happy girl. And if I can do this job somewhere abroad (New York, London, Paris…), my happiness levels will be off the charts. My next big step is to do a little bit of adventuring and exploring before I really sit down and contemplate my next life move. I’m overwhelmed, nervous and incredibly excited for what is to come. I’m ready to work ridiculously hard to make my dreams a reality and to make myself proud.

To quote one of Harvard Law School’s greatest graduates, Elle Woods: “You must always have faith in yourself.” Here’s to the thrilling and glamourous future, CollegeFashionista class of 2014!

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