CLASS OF 2014: Michelle

Exclusive Feature

It is so hard to recap my college experience. Between all the friends made, internships completed and travels around the world, I can safely say I enjoyed the ride. Interning in New York City for a summer and studying abroad in Florence, Italy, were long-time dreams I held, and the fact that I got to accomplish those goals at Seton Hill makes me so appreciative of my time here. However, after four years, I feel so excited and ready to move on to the next chapter.

My time with CollegeFashionista has been such an amazing experience! When I first discovered the site, I never imagined that one day I would be a contributor. Walking around campus this semester and always trying to spot Fashionistas, was sometimes out of my comfort zone, but totally worthwhile. Since I was the first Style Guru for my university, it was fun to explain what CollegeFashionista was all about to my peers as I took their photos. Oftentimes, classmates would tell me they saw my recent post or read an article from the site, and it always made me realize what an impact CollegeFashionista has on campus all around the country and world. Until this semester, I didn’t realize the style culture of our campus and what it had to offer, so being able to observe and people watch was a blast.

With graduation on the horizon, I have been looking back at all the amazing opportunities I’ve had and don’t have any regrets. Moving forward, I plan on incorporating many of my favorite parts of this internship in a future career. Being able to do something that incorporates fashion, interacting with new people and writing — like I have this semester as a Style Guru — would be my dream. While I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for me, it is safe for me to say that it will definitely be fashionable!


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