CLASS OF 2014: Meg

Exclusive Feature

So this is it! After two years, 100 articles, three speaking events and a lifetime of newfound knowledge, my intern days with CollegeFashionista have come to an end! Believe me, if I still maintained the “college” part of my identity, I would be staying on until they dragged me out. Unfortunately, graduation has come and gone and I am now, whether I like it or not, a bonafide member of the “real world.”

These past two years have been formative in not only the social sense, but specifically to CollegeFashionista, formative in my writing and personal style. Being able to merge these two facets of my personality each week has been a really great honor and such a privilege. I am packing up and moving down to Manhattan in the near future to pursue fashion editorial as a career. So I guess you could say CollegeFashionista had a pretty substantial effect on me!

I am confident in the CollegeFashionista brand staying present and continuing to give opportunities to the Fashionistas and Fashionistos of Stonehill, as there are now a handful of very talented writers in their junior years. Thinking back to when I started, I was the lone CollegeFashionista intern at Stonehill, and now feel not only a sense of pride, but also very pleased that the next generation of Style Gurus at Stonehill have a small community of themselves to collaborate off of, and make CollegeFashionista even more of a presence.

Thank you Amy, Melissa and Sammy for the best two years with CollegeFashionista! Keep stylin’ on!


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