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There are a million and one ways to start my “goodbye” article. I could go with the “it’s not a goodbye but a see you later” line or the “this is just the beginning” speech. The amount of clichés are endless, and I am going to try my best to avoid them. Graduation weekend has come to a close and I am typing this article on my five-hour train ride home (just wanted your sympathy). Again, I said five hours.

Amherst, Massachusetts gave me a college experience that unless you live in the Valley you will never understand. Every coffee trip consisted of a run-in with a friend, weekends were dedicated to friend’s living rooms and trips to Northampton and, of course, house shows. Trying to be vegan was the norm as was passing cows on your way home from class. To be honest, I will miss the food a lot. Amherst is made of mouth-watering sweets and the tastiest meals consisting of fresh produce from the farms nearby. The food probably comes second to the amazing friends I have made. Since freshman year, the group of “Van Meter” kids has kept a spot in my heart that will never be replaced. It is sad leaving this group of amazing people that have inspired me daily, but I feel complete with the memories I made with them. I know that these are the people (no matter how far we are physically) that will still be a part of my future.

CollegeFashionista was also a big portion of my college experience. Stepping out of my comfort zone to approach stylish students helped me find colleagues that I would have otherwise never met. In addition, my writing, photography skills and taste in fashion grew. I had the opportunity to be a part of the Denim&Supply campaign, the eBay partnership and enjoyed many perks of the internship (free makeup, clothes, new friendships, etc.). Every week I would sit in a coffee shop, and while my friends did their homework I was writing my CollegeFashionista article. I felt extremely lucky to experience the “fashion high” I got on a weekly basis when writing an article.

This Style Guru’s future consists of job applications and lots of baking. CollegeFashionista has increased my love for fashion, and whether my job is directly related to fashion or not at all I will continue to daily scope out Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Except for now, I will replace my photography with a compliment.

The exciting thing about graduating college is that I can take on any career path I choose. I love the idea of writing for television, writing for a blog or even a job in social justice. The list just goes on! I am excited for the career journey I am about to embark on (clichés =1, Lexi = 0). Thank you Melissa and Amy of CollegeFashionista for this incredibly enjoyable opportunity.


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