CLASS OF 2014: Kelly

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Passion is power. That’s what Penn State taught me. When you’re passionate about something, you have the power to accomplish virtually anything you want. The Penn State community is a passionate one for sure. We bleed blue and white, and we have to yell “Penn State” whenever someone starts a “We are…” chant. When I came to college, I was a bit of a lost puppy unsure of what the heck I wanted out of life. Perhaps you could say I lacked passion.

With trial and error experimentation of different classes and extracurricular activities, I found my forte, my niche, my passion: story telling. I wanted to tell stories about fashion, music, beauty and health.

To act on this passion, I majored in Journalism and Art History, and became an entertainment reporter at Penn State’s daily newspaper. To keep up with an ever-evolving media landscape, I wanted to transform with my passion, too. I ventured out to blog for Philadelphia magazine in health and fitness, and expanded on my personal blog (

When I was presented with the opportunity to blog for CollegeFashionista, I was ecstatic. This was a perfect opportunity to fuse my love for fashion and story telling, while learning new skills (like using a DSLR and WordPress). Passion is also a wonderful thing because it helps you when you’re faced with obstacles. There were days where Penn State was a frozen tundra in February, and I couldn’t find a single soul who dressed in anything other than five layers of North Face. However, I never stopped scouting, and when I found that perfect Fashionista/o it was like finding a diamond in the rough because it brightened up my day, as well as, theirs.

At my graduation ceremony last week, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who had a job lined up post-grad, but I am lucky enough to be passionate about something and as long as I have that I can’t falter. College taught me to believe in myself and to do things that give me joy and excite me. I’m optimistic in continuing my job search in the media industry and hope to make the move to NYC or LA soon.


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