CLASS OF 2014: Jordan

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They say our years in college are some of the best years of our life. Well, I don’t know who “they” are, but I have to give it up to them. College was truly amazing. From the invaluable knowledge I have acquired to the lifetime friends I have made, every second of my college career will forever be cherished. I learned more than I could have ever dreamed, both academic and about myself, and I have so many people, experiences and cups of coffee to thank for that!

I graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelors in Fine Art concentrating in Photography and a Minor in Communications. My four years at UT were filled with challenging classes, endless memories with my Delta Gamma sisters and opportunities that have changed my life. One of those amazing opportunities was being invited to join the CollegeFashionista team as a Style Guru for UT.

My forever-growing obsession with fashion was pushing me towards pursuing a career in the industry, and when I stumbled upon the internship application for CollegeFashionista it felt like fate. I have now been reporting as a STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK Style Guru for three semesters, and have loved every moment of it. I was really able to discover more about my personal sense of style, as well as, develop a keen eye for trend spotting and fashion forecasting. CollegeFashionista has given me the chance to share my love of fashion with the world, and it has been an incredible honor to be a part of this family.

Being a college graduate is completely surreal, and the first thing everyone always wants to know is, “what now?.” My first big jump into the real world will take me to London this summer! I will be interning in fashion photography and fashion business in the land of the Queen for two months. After that, I will return home to Tampa, and try to figure out how to be a real grown up. In the near future, I plan to pack up and give NYC a try. I am incredibly scared and nervous for what lies ahead, but my excitement trumps all of that. This time in my life is about taking chances, and the fact that I get to start this journey in Europe is more than I could have ever imagined!

On my graduation cap I wrote the words, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” This has been my motto as an art student, and I am ready now to apply these wise words to the great big rest of my life that lies in front of me. This girl’s got big dreams and high heels that can’t be stopped, so don’t be surprised if you see my photos on the pages of Vogue in a few years. Thank you all for strutting along side me all the way through graduation. Stay forever fabulous, Fashionistas/os!


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