CLASS OF 2014: Janean

Exclusive Feature

To sum up my college experience in one word, it would be busy. I studied Fashion Marketing and Management in San Francisco right after graduating from junior college in a much smaller city. I quickly learned what the ins and outs of commuting hours at a time into a large city entails. I loved going to school in a big city like San Francsico. There were so many places to explore, diverse people to see and awesome food to eat right at my finger tips. There was also, of course, the bi-polar weather. While studying, I worked two part time jobs, so I was a very busy bee. I learned so much not only about fashion marketing and management, but also about other fields that I can now incorporate into my knowledge of fashion, like photography and styling.

I loved having the opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista. Writing, social media and blogging are my passions. To be able to write for a fashion company was a great experience for me and is something that I will be able to do professionally in the very near future. Not only was I able to capture the great fashion that is in abundance in San Francisco, but I got to meet some cool people. I love the feeling I would get when a Fashionista/o would get excited when they found out they would be on a fashion blog. They were all were excited, nervous and worried that they weren’t “fashion-forward” enough. I would always tell them that they caught my eye and that’s enough! That’s what makes CollegeFashionista so special. It not only benefits me and the company, but makes people feel special. That is something I hope to continue doing outside of CollegeFashionista. I think that one thing I really learned about writing and fashion is that you never come across the same style twice. Fashion is seen and portrayed so differently in everyone’s eyes, making it unique.

So my education has come to its end, and right now I am job searching in San Francisco like crazy while working my two jobs back home. I plan on starting my own blog and would love to work for a great company and manage their social media. I learned a great deal from CollegeFashionista and am excited to implement that into all of my future professional settings. Soon, I will be walking the stage with my fellow classmates and will be celebrating the time we had learning about fashion and what it has to offer. Until then, I will be dress shopping for graduation, job searching and sleeping in (not in that particular order)!


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