CLASS OF 2014: Erika

Exclusive Feature

It is hard to believe that I’ve completed my undergraduate degree already. The four years I’ve spent at the University of Michigan have been challenging, but they were also the best four years of my life. I would consider my college experience overall as very humbling. It was a shock at first to be in an atmosphere filled with such intellects. Despite the hardships I endured in college, it was an eminent experience that enabled me to define my future goals.

I had heard about CollegeFashionista during my sophomore year in college, but I was too skeptical about my qualifications to apply until my senior year. At the conclusion of the first semester of my senior year, I knew that I had to at least apply for the Style Guru position, or I would regret my decision later on. I could not have been more pleased with my decision to apply. Interning at CollegeFashionista has made my last semester of college better than I could have imagined. Being a Style Guru has broadened my view of the fashion industry, and I have a feeling this is not where I will part ways with fashion.

In the future, I hope to pursue graduate studies. While I majored in Neuroscience, I’m hoping to diversify my resume by getting a graduate degree in a business-related field. Over the next year, I will be diligently studying for graduate exams, applying to various schools and working, but at the same time maintaining my connection with the fashion industry in every way possible.


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