CLASS OF 2014: Ellen

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As a high school student, I know how I pictured what my college experience would look like: giant classrooms with hundreds of kids, scary professors that wouldn’t know my name and piles of homework and projects every week. Sure, the homework part was on point but that’s the way I liked it. I liked keeping myself busy with full class loads and internships ever since my sophomore year. Something else I did like was my small communications classrooms and my not so scary professors at Misericordia University. If someone asked me in high school to describe my collegiate career, I don’t think I would have predicted any of this.

In my four years as a college student, I racked up experiences from five different internships, and somehow I still found time to watch Netflix and paint my nails. I wouldn’t trade my hectic schedule for the world. Part of my nonstop schedule included my internships with CollegeFashionista. I started writing for CollegeFashionista after my sophomore year, and just finished my final post last week. That’s a lot of Fashionistas/os spotted in six semesters on Misericordia’s tiny campus! Then, in the beginning of my senior year, I became an editorial intern. These opportunities were something that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

As an editorial intern, I learned how to format basically every clothing brand on the planet along with other common grammatical errors. I took some of the skills I’ve learned as an editorial intern, and applied them to my other position as Editor-in-Chief of Misericordia’s student-run newspaper, The Highlander.

So, moral of my collegiate career, and advice for incoming freshmen: get involved! It will 100% pay off in the end, and you’ll have experiences to cherish forever.


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