CLASS OF 2014: Diane

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If absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, then I’m in trouble. You see, if my heart does indeed grow fonder of Fordham post-graduation, I am nearly convinced I would actually bleed maroon. Though I might be far from a Pre-med major, I can’t imagine this situation being ideal for my health. So for the sake of my well-being, let’s cross our fingers, throw up a Ram symbol and hope this mantra is about as credible as my Pre-med predictions.

If you asked me a week ago about the most difficult task I faced while at Fordham, I probably would have said putting my beauty sleep on the back burner to wake up for 7 a.m. track practice every morning. Now, as I sit here and attempt to reflect on and articulate my last four years here, I’d change my answer to this very moment. My experience at Fordham has been nothing but unique and nothing short of amazing. Okay, maybe writing this as my cap and gown hauntingly hang off my armoire doors in front of me sheds a slightly different light on the past four years; those theology courses were anything but amazing.

Fordham made fetch happen. So much so that I can confidently say that I will actually miss the hustle and bustle of Fordham Road, waking up to the horns of MetroNorth outside of my window and the egg line in the cafeteria on Sunday mornings. A humble abode in the boogie down Bronx, Fordham’s proximity to the city offers unparalleled networking and career opportunities. Taking full advantage, as most of my peers did, I spent my semesters interning. You guessed it—this is where my Fordham and CollegeFashionista affair was born.

Aa a Style Guru during my senior year, I was lucky enough to flock to some of Fordham’s finest Fashionista/os. Besides being a Style Guru, I was also a marketing intern in the CollegeFashionista office. I consider myself one of the lucky few who truly enjoyed heading to work. Not to mention, it doesn’t get much better than going to work and being continually inspired while listening to Beyonce. Writing for CollegeFashionista has challenged me creatively and professionally. Through this growth and experience, I’ve realized that this is definitely the direction I’d like to take my career in. Though my future remains unknown, my time with CollegeFashionista has streamlined my interests, inspiring and influencing me in a way I will be forever grateful for. In my immediate future, however, you can find me at Pugsley’s Pizza—Fordham’s finest delicacy.


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