CLASS OF 2014: Cassandra

Exclusive Feature

After four years, I can finally say I’m more ready than ever to start the next chapter of life. From great friends to treasured memories and a flyer faithful community, it’s been an unbelievable adventure. I wouldn’t wish to change my college career in any way.

I’ve always been a social butterfly; pair that with a thrill for fashion and an addiction to social media and I’ve found my dream career. CollegeFashionista played a huge part in determining my passions in life. There’s not many people who can wake up in the morning and say they absolutely love their job. My only regret is not having worked for CollegeFashionista sooner. Through my experience as a Style Guru, I was able to grow in my unique ability to discover vintage treasures, personal style and confident Fashionista/os. I also found a desire to learn more about fair trade fashion in hopes of one day starting my own company that uses fashion and design to empower men and women to rise above poverty. There’s nothing more exciting than using fashion to make a difference in the lives of others.

Instead of landing a job right after graduation, I plan to travel Europe for a few months over the summer. I’ll make my first stop in Madrid, backpacking through Barcelona and making my way up to the south of France to Nice and Monaco. From France, I’ll venture to the Italian coast and make my final stop in Nicaragua as a mission volunteer. Throughout these trips, I’ll be following my dreams by documenting my travel experiences and highlighting the different cultures’ unique people, style and identity.

After four years of advice and lectures from professors, mentors, family and friends, I’ve always managed to do one thing right—follow my heart. Thank you CollegeFashionista for making me realize that dreams are, in fact, possible. To all my fellow Fashionista/os, remember that style is always best when paired with confidence.


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