CLASS OF 2014: Adryanna

Exclusive Feature

Attending college was a dream of mine since before I could do long division. At a young age, I knew that graduating with a Bachelor’s degree was much more than receiving an education; it symbolized that my family’s sacrifice and hard work was worth it. This accomplishment is just as much theirs as it is mine. My college experience revolved around soaking in every moment. Although lectures were boring and tests kept me up all night studying, I never for once took my education for granted. It was here, during my four years at Whittier College, where I truly grew into the woman I wanted to be.

I must say that joining CollegeFashionista was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. When I discovered the site during my sophomore year, I knew that this was what I needed to get my foot in the door in the fashion industry. I majored in business administration, but my heart was set on working in the fashion industry. Therefore, CollegeFashionsita provided me with the opportunity to build my fashion resume and I am eternally grateful. This internship has taught me how to spot trendsetters and most importantly write about them. Not only am I confident in my eye for spotting Fashionistas/os, but I am confident that I can express fashion through words, which is difficult since fashion is so visual based. With the help of Amy, Melissa and Sammy, I have been provided with skills that I know will help me as I embark on a life after graduation.

With the help of CollegeFashionista and my internship at BeachMint last summer, I know that my future entails a marketing position at a fashion company. I have often said that I have two passions in life: business and fashion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. My dreams for the future range from working at my dream job, opening a business and maybe even live in NYC for a short time in my life. I also want to congratulate my fellow graduating Style Gurus. I was so happy to work alongside such an amazing and talented group of students. My advice to them is: what you think, you will become. So never stop thinking about your dreams!


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