Class of 2013: Jing

Exclusive Feature

In comparison to others, my college experience is diversified. I transferred from Beijing to Purdue University in 2011. Thereby I went through two different college lives, one in China and the other in U.S. For me, freshman and sophomore years were the most insouciant years in college. So I had enough free time for hobbies. I subscribed fashion magazines, like Vogue, for the entire sophomore year. Every time I received the latest issue, I would quick glance throughout all contents. I always found eye-catching pieces. As a college student with tight budget, I cannot afford most of the pieces. These fabulous garments became my bedtime fantasy during the rest of the month. Both my writing and photography skills matured through a two-year-working experience in college press—I participated because refined articles and photos are a hinted key to the fashion realm.

Since I studied in Purdue, I began a brand new experience as both a college student and a fashion lover. Even though Purdue is nowhere close to fashion centers like New York or L.A., studying abroad opened a new door to fashion for me. I saw broader part of the fashion realm by exploring the fashion blogs and magazines in the States. The greatest excitement was that I purchased a pair of long-wanted Tory Burch ballet flats for affordable price. The feeling of dream coming true is fantastic!

Doubtlessly, when the opportunity of applying to CollegeFashionista appeared a year ago, I resolved to get the best out of it. Before starting with CollegeFashionista, I conducted the “Street Style” section of the first Chinese magazine VOICE I AM and took several English writing classes. Last semester, I felt eligible for a qualified Style Guru. Fortunately, I achieved the position this semester, after dreaming about for over a year. I only served as a Style Guru for one semester, notwithstanding this definitely is an amazing experience. My understanding of fashion is not limited to browsing unique items and concerning my wardrobe; but rather stepping into another stage of offering advisable outfit tips to others. Furthermore, I really enjoy the process of composing every weekly post, even though it would take me great efforts working on the syntax and vocabulary. I would like to thanks the CollegeFashionista editorial team, especially Melissa who offered me productive advice every time. The Style Guru experience helped me build a solid foundation for a future fashion public relation professional.

My short journey with CollegeFashionista will not stop. I will write for the Style Advise section in the summer. As I am going to New York University for graduate school, hopefully I can continue my work for CollegeFashionista in future!


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