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Attending college is an incredible opportunity to embark on an educational endeavour. It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to embrace these years for the priceless learning opportunity which they offer. From an academic standpoint, four years at McGill University has taught me vast amounts about human physiology and has truly allowed me to gain an appreciation for how intricate and intertwined every aspect of our physical being is. The human body is unarguably beautiful and perhaps the most awe-inducing aspect is the way in which its complex components work together to create the invaluable gift of life. In this way, studying physiology contributed to my scientific understanding of the human body, while cultivating an admiration for the body that spans far past the mere molecular level.

Although attaining knowledge is one of the pillars upon which a college education stands, the term “learning” should never be taken so narrowly as to only describe the academic learning that occurs within classrooms. I personally learned more from simply living in Montreal than I could’ve ever learned from any textbook or lecture hall. Perhaps one of Montreal’s greatest assets is its multicultural mosaic, which allows you to meet people from every corner of the globe. Interacting daily with such a wide diversity of people teaches you one of the greatest lessons that can be taught to any human being — the lesson of tolerance and acceptance. While some people approach those who look or act differently with a sense of uneasiness or judgement, Montreal encourages an attitude of acceptance and a genuine curiosity toward learning about the many differences that make each of us unique. Consequently, this city challenged my notion of normality, while instilling within me a profound admiration for the beauty that lies within the unique and the unconventional.

My love for the unconventional, particularly pertaining to fashion, merges seamlessly into my experience with CollegeFashionista. Although my interest in clothing and style was always present, CollegeFashionista provided me with an amazing opportunity to capture my point of view within photographs, while eloquently expressing my sartorial passion through words. While runway shows are the realm of the rich and regal, street style is influenced by the sartorial rebels and style provocateurs — the true Fashionistas who practice innovation over imitation. My three semesters as a Style Guru completely transformed my perspective on fashion and opened my eyes to the overflowing amounts of creativity and raw inspiration that can be found within street style.

This coming fall I hope to start a Master’s program, with my ultimate aspiration being to one day go to medical school and become a doctor. However, despite that, I’ll always carry within me a sartorial passion and an eye for the incredible beauty of the world, whether it be the beauty found in full-body tattoos, graffiti-clad buildings or an unexpected smile from a stranger. After all as the poet Khalil Gibran once said, “We live only to discover beauty, all else is a form of waiting.”


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