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Finally it is time to bring out the bright, vibrant spring colors! As we transition into “spring” here in Minnesota, all the Fashionistas on campus are bringing out their spring colored accessories and clothing items.

This Fashionista rocked spring inspired colors; her bright pink tank top made her glow. She paired a beautiful statement necklace that matched her shirt perfectly. It pieced together her outfit and gave her a great spring inspired look. I really loved how she wore a necklace and a watch; she pulled off two bold accessories and looked awesome. My favorite accessory she wore was her wrap watch!

This wrap watch is so cute! I loved how the texture was fake leather with diamonds around the watch itself and the band. The neutral color is great because you can wear this watch with almost any kind of outfit. Whether you are going to the mall or going to a networking event, a wrap watch can fit any occasion. These watches give you a bracelet look, and add dimensions to your watch and outfit. They are stylish, fun and different! Depending on the kind of wrap watch, you can wrap the strap around twice, three times or however many times the strap allows you to. Many of these wrap watches come with leather bands, bedazzled bands, beaded bands and so much more. Next time you want to buy a watch, try getting a wrap watch and see how much you love it.

Spotted: Michal Kors featured geometric shaped watches in his spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


Sandals: footwear that just about everyone owns. Whether you have the gladiator style sandals or a chic pair of flip-flops, sandals are the go-to style of the summer. With the rise in temperature, the absolute last thing you want to encounter is sweaty, smelly feet. No thanks! Sandals keep your feet aired out and sweat free. As grimy as that last sentence was, it just adds to why we love and should all own a pair of sandals.

This week’s Fashionista is wearing a color-block blouse with a pair of cuffed blue jeans and a cross-body bag. However, she really pulls her outfit together with her T-strap sandals! I have written about how much I adore cross-body bags in my past reports, and this bag is no different. Her bag is what I like to consider the perfect accessories color, which is a light brown. This brown looks good with virtually any color and just about any outfit.

The pink sandals create a relationship with the whole outfit because the color of her sandals are the same color pink as the pink in her top. The simplicity of the sandal style keeps her outfit causal and perfect for whatever summer activities she is up to! There are an endless amount of sandal styles, ranging from closed-toe sandals to elaborate knee-highs. Bottom line is, a cute pair of sandals can go a long way!

Spotted: Rebecca Minkoff has some incredible sandal styles strolling down the runway of her 2014 spring fashion show.


Hats off to spring! Spring is underway and many of us Fashionistas and Fashionistos are almost done with the spring semester. It’ll be a little while until the summer weather hits, but the start of summer break is coming up very soon or has even already started for some colleges. The spring weather has brought us a range of temperatures and skies. Today was a chilly and rainy day in Chicago. Fortunately for me, there are still students looking stylish on their walk to class.

This Fashionista based her outfit around a maroon leather baseball cap. This is another trend that I want to try out. I have never been one for hats, but the fact that the baseball hat is leather makes it look so much more chic. Baseball hats are also great for the summer when the sun is shining right on your face. Now you can be protected from the sun in style!

The Fashionista shows off her Chicago pride with a Blackhawks sweater. Living in a city that loves their sports teams, you have to at least own one piece of Chicago sports apparel, whether it’s the Blackhawks, the Cubs, the White Sox, the Bulls or the Blackhawks. I love the fact that she can make an oversized Blackhawks sweater so effortlessly cool. She wears a black jacket and rolls the sleeves to show the white lining underneath. She pairs these with denim skinny jeans and a basic black purse. Her shoes are black ankle boots that accent the grey socks peeking out of them. She has sporty elements to her look to make it look pulled together. Her whole outfit is so stylish even with a tomboy edge.

Spotted: Alexander Wang accessories with black baseball caps in his spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Nautical Knot-sense Be Something You Wish

When it comes to hot weather, the least cooperative part of your outfit can be your hair. No matter how hard you try to perfect it before leaving the house, hair frizzes, curls and never stays how you want it to. A bow can be the perfect way to tame those locks and look cute at the same time.

This Fashionista captures the bow look on a warmer summer day by pulling the front part of her hair back with a blue bow. To keep the bow look from looking a bit childish, take a tip from this Fashionista and pair it with a classic ensemble, like her classic navy blue and white striped dress that is also keeping her cooler on warm days. If you want to try out a hair bow for yourself, there are many ways to do so. A big floral tie will make you stand out for those more daring Fashionistas, but if you want to ease into the trend, try a pack of three delicate, more girly bows that Forever 21 offers.

Bows can also be for those of us with less than a girly style, myself included, by styling with a classic black headband with a bow tie already attached. Headbands or wraps can be a great way to incorporate the bow look into your wardrobe if your style is more bohemian or grunge.

To complete her look, this Fashionista hangs a blue pendant from her neck and carries a camel colored satchel to keep from mixing too many hues and prints. Her navy blue flats carry an air of sophistication and ground her look by pulling from the navy in her dress.

As this spring semester draws to a close and summer right around the corner, take a style tip from this Fashionista and choose a bow to get you there. It’s a perfect no nonsense accessory that is easy to wear when jewelry might get in the way as the layers of clothes are shed to suit the weather.

Spotted: Forget the little black dress, Nina Dobrev was recently seen wearing a little black bow, as were similar hair accessories on the models on the spring runways of Balenciaga and Nina Ricci.


Finals are here and so is the stress, but that doesn’t mean you need to look that way. You’re getting through finals to finish up this year and your mind is probably on summer break already. No matter how sleep deprived or busy you are, you can still look great and get through finals. This Fashionista shows us how to be comfortable and stylish at this time of the year.

For those of you who haven’t jumped on the trainers trend, I suggest you look into it more. This Fashionista is a prime example of someone dressing up the typical sneaker. These shoes are a cooler version of your gym shoes and a lot more fashionable. Also, they’re comfortable and you can rock them with anything. These shoes are a great addition to anyone’s closet since they are comfortable and stylish. Incorporating sporty elements into different styles is trending, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. If you like this style, but want something a little more playful, these printed New Balance shoes would be great for spring and summer. Nike sneakers like these would be useful because you can use them for the gym and for class.

Sportswear-inspired trends have been popping up left and right recently so it’s no surprise sneakers have become such a commodity. People wanted to try other styles than the classic Converse sneakers, which led to the more sporty styles like this Fashionista is showing us. She paired her neutral New Balance sneakers with a sweater and dress. She kept her colors simple and polished off her look with a stone necklace. If you lover her sweater as much as I do, check out this textured Zara one for summer. You wouldn’t be able to tell if she’s stressed from just looking at her. This outfit exudes ease with the effortless look of it. She really shows us how easy it is to wear sneakers anywhere.

These sneakers are becoming popular fast so I encourage you to grab a pair before they’re sold out in the style you like. Try pairing them with different styles and outfits, and you’ll see how simple it is to wear them. You can be comfortable and stylish by adding items as simple as sneakers or track pants to your wardrobe.

Spotted: If you’re a bit unsure how to style trainers, look at Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël’s resort 2015 collection. Tennis shoes were used with various styles and can inspire you for your own styling.


The truth is, we all wear sneakers. Whether you’re out and about on campus or at the gym, sneakers are and will forever be a staple in all Fashionista/o’s closets.

Since fall 2013, sneakers have become hugely popular and widely upgraded. Say goodbye to basic kicks and hello to bold new options. Such examples include Isabel Marant’s iconic wedge sneaker and high-tops by Lanvin. Both have been sported by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé and Ana Beatriz Barros. While you may still be tempted to teeter around in pumps or stilettos, take a note from these fashionable celebs instead. Trade in your high heels for some upscale high-tops, just like the Fashionista pictured here.

These high-tops are the perfect combination of sporty and chic. Designed by an up and coming shoe company, Forsake, these sneakers are ready for the outdoors and the classroom. They are waterproof and breathable all without sacrificing style. If an accessory is both all-weather appropriate and trendy, honestly, who can say no?

What this Fashionista did best was take a sporty sneaker and pair it with a feminine springtime ensemble. The navy on her striped quarter sleeve shirt complements her baby blue high-tops. She created a nice connection with the various shades of blue. Also, her hot pink shorts offset all of the blue. Overall, the refined color palette was the right choice for making her kicks a seamless part of the feminine look.

The Fashionista topped off her outfit with mixed bangles from Alex and Ani and silver floral earrings. Again, her feminine style was most prominently featured but it was her sporty and chic high-tops that stole the show.

Spotted: Chanel fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection featured fashionable sneakers in various fabrics and colors.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Aren’t You Glad I Wore Gladiators?

I have had a blast being able to report the latest fashions and trends in all things accessories related. I will definitely remember all of the wonderfully fashionably-inclined Fashionstas/os on campus that I photographed this spring semester.

My final Fashionista of the season accessorized her hair with a tie-dye knotted front headwrap. If you feel like getting crafty, you can go to a local craft store and buy yourself a tie dyeing kit. Headbands, T-shirts, socks—you can pretty much tie-dye anything. It is a lot of fun to be hands-on in the process and create a one-of-a-kind accessory.

This spring has been a great season for some amazing accessory finds at Marist College’s Fashionology boutique. This Fashionista is wearing a unique Marist College bangle from Fashionology, in addition to a sleeve of gold Alex and Ani bracelets and studded leather bracelet.

Complementing the gold bangles is a gold side-cross short chain necklace. This piece of jewelry is petite and simple, maintaining the overall feel of her casual cami dress. Also casual and relaxed is this Fashionista’s pair of beige gladiator sandals. This type of sandal is a perfect footwear option when transitioning into summer because it is lightweight, comfortable and offers more support than a flip-flop would. Gladiator sandals pair well with skirts, dresses and shorts. She also accessorized with a deep red Longchamp tote. Her choice in color scheme creates a very calm and natural vibe. Everything she is wearing ties in with her tie-dye headband.

I have been truly inspired by the creativity and fashion sense exhibited by my fellow Marist Red Foxes. I hope all of you Fashionistas/os out there have been inspired just as much as I have. I cannot wait to see what everyone has in store for fall of 2014!

Spotted: While this Fashionista wore short gladiator sandals, Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection accessorized with gladiator sandals that ranged in height.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Summer Is Almost Here!

Hello there to all the Fashionistas/os out there! It has been great semester writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT and bringing you all the latest accessory trends around Virginia Commonwealth University. As the spring semester comes to an end, many students around campus have made their way back to their home towns, and some have even left for exciting summer vacations.

This week’s featured Fashionista was ready to celebrate the end of the semester with a beach trip. She was headed to Virginia Beach to enjoy some time with her friends. Her outfit was casual yet trendy and she definitely utilized her accessories and made them be the key statement pieces of her outfit. Her outfit consisted of a Victoria’s Secret Pink collection T-shirt paired up with a burgundy skirt and black blazer. She then chose to accessorize with dangly earrings, silver rings, a large handbag and strappy sandals that had a very cool and interesting overlapping chain detail at the ankle.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of an outfit any Fashionista/o out there could wear to go out on a summer beach adventure. It is comfortable and can definitely be dressed up or down for any activity on your trip. The big purse this Fashionista was wearing was also a great accessory for the beach because it can hold all of your beach essentials. The sandals she chose to wear were also one of my favorite pieces from her ensemble. The intricate detailing of the overlapping chains around the ankles made these sandals great for casual and dressy outfits, and they will surely catch anyone’s attention. If you are interested in a big summer tote bag, ASOS has a great selection of them. ALDO also has a wide selection of strappy sandals that will meet any Fashionista’s personal style.

Spotted: On the runway of Valentino spring/summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Models can be seen sporting trendy sandals in an array of colors and styles.


Since when is being smart a bad thing? All too often people attach being nerdy to negatives like bad skin, poor fashion sense or dismal social skills. That kind of thinking is a way of the past now and geek fashion is here to stay. Who else remembers the “GEEK”, “DORK” and “NERD” T-shirts that hit like The Big Bang last fall? I certainly do, and geek chic doesn’t stop there. There are tons of ways to make being smart a fashion statement, and this Fashionista shows us how it’s done.

Glasses are a classic book smart cue. Before the invention of contact lenses, glasses were less of a fashion statement and more a necessity. However, now there are hundreds of thousands of different frames to chose from! This Fashionista’s large black plastic frames are a classic fun standout from wire frames. What you’d never know is that these aren’t even real! Now a days it’s just as cool to rock a pair of plastic lenses without a prescription if you don’t require one.

Another nerdy trend that few people know the history about are Converse tennis shoes. Back before sneakers were a fashion item, Converse were worn by basketball players. After the trend of designer shoes and sneakers, it was a little too nerdy to rock a classic pair of Chucks. Thankfully, the brand has pushed past that era and we can now rock plaid with the classic athletic shoe (with a crisp white update) to create a cross between The Brain and The Criminal a la The Breakfast Club.

This Fashionista finished up her freshman year of college by showing everyone that brains and beauty really do mix!

Spotted: Girls aren’t the only ones showing off their smarts. The Givenchy spring 2014 men’s collection was full of tech designs and painted nerd glasses.



Here in Washington D.C., summer weather can get very muggy. The air is sticky and is definitely not a proponent for good hair days. I am constantly putting my hair up and keeping it out of my face. That’s why earrings are the perfect summer accessory. They spruce up the face area without causing any discomfort. Whether big or small, colorful or metallic, earrings can be an easy accessory to add to your look this season.

The Fashionista this week is looking easy, breezy and ready for summer. She is donning a simple black dress with a jean jacket and an over the shoulder bag. Accessories can take classic pieces like this and make them fresh, new and modern. One thing to keep in mind when picking out earrings of your own is to make sure they don’t overpower your look. I love that she kept it simple with her clothes and added color in her earrings. Her earrings are teardrop shaped with gold detailing around a coral center.

Besides sprucing up an outfit, earrings help draw the eye to what you want to flaunt or accentuate about your face. If your face is rounded and soft, you can narrow it with long earrings. A jagged or angular shape can add more edge to your face. Hoops or earrings with large circles should be avoided. On the other hand, if your face is long, angular or diamond shaped, you will want rounded earrings. A heart-shaped face looks beautiful with chandelier or teardrop earrings. Whatever your look or your style, you can be sure to find a pair to rock this summer.

Spotted: Emilio Pucci put out a spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection full of beautiful earring inspiration.